Random Thursday Thoughts

1. You never realize how much you love technology until it craps out on you, much like my iPod. Yesterday on the drive home it stopped playing and I freaked out!!! I nearly crashed twice trying to figure it out. Well, I restored it this morning and everything is fine. Nobody needs to die today. And I'm not worried that I'm so attached to my little white, music-playing friend. It's actually encouraging a little.

2. Is YouTube the best thing ever? I submit to you that it is. Another example: Sifl & Olly. I looked for clips for so long, and there's a plethora on YouTube. This takes me back to freshman year of college, but in a very good way. Indulge yourself.

3. Well this backfired. I was planning on buying a case of this calendar I designed to give to everyone one of them when I went home for Thanksgiving. It's pretty much (and I'm not exaggerating) the best thing I've ever done. Only, we sold out of them. All 37,000. And they won't be in stock again until after I get back. Woops.

4. Ya like the new template? I totally didn't make this myself!

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gordon said...

you should post up screens of your calendar, i'd like to see the whole thing.