Nostalgia Friday.


It's weird to see people from high school in cyberspace. I graduated before most of us had regular email addresses, blogs, pictures online, anything like that. So when you see someone you knew nine years ago has a myspace page, and their photos look nothing like you remember them, it kind of throws your thinking off.

I subconsciously assumed everyone was still 18, including myself. Woops. Trips down Memory Lane are good for bringing you to a more complete understanding of reality, if you ask me. And you must have asked me, since you're reading this.

Big ups to all the RHS alum who track me down here. Shoot me a lil' flava.

EXTRA! Here's a desktop wallpaper I invented for April. You're welcome.

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Jan said...

yeah, it is weird seeing people pop up like that. you'd think you were the only person on the internet, and then all of a sudden, somebody finds you. and they have 2 kids, a husband, live in texas and sound like an adult. freaks me out.