Logo creep.

I've long held the subconscious belief that I don't really want to wear logos on my clothing. It's actually a policy here at work (especially pertinent for casual Fridays), so I've always kind of liked that. I will wear logos for the sports teams I support, but otherwise I'd rather not be advertising for anyone, thank you.

I even hate it when people have license plate holders on their cars that advertise for the dealership where they bought the car. It's laziness, plain and simple. I hardly think anyone loves the dealership so much that they'd choose to put something like that on their car, let alone PAY TO DO IT. And yet you see them all the time. It's disgusting.

Then there's this.

I'm officially going to say it now: I am against any logos being anywhere that people don't want them. Is there a logo-related version of an iconoclast? That's for me. Logoclast. Advertising and promotion have gotten carried away in every arena of daily American life, and I am now officially against it. Ironic, but true.

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Gordon said...

I'm surprised that the NFL would insist on the use of vests with logos. Seems to me that you would want to cater to photographers and journalists that are helping to promote the sport, and likewise if you're the NFL, your teams, venues and business.

I actually had a similar thought about not wearing logos the other day. I don't try not to, but I generally don't wear them on clothes. It never occured to me that it was weird to have them plastered everywhere until I saw an SUV with the name of the SUV emblazoned on the back window in custom vinyl cling type.

This link is interesting, especially as it relates to our constant inundation with logos, and how in some ways we "pick teams" by choosing our favorite logos/companies.