Ken Jennings.

Next in the series of people whose pictures are readily available is self-termed celebrinerd Ken Jennings. You may remember him as the guy who won over two million dollars on Jeopardy! back in 2004. I've been reading his blog regularly for about a year and half, and got to read his book last winter. He's quite down-to-earth and un-nerdly for a guy who pretty much knows every piece of trivia ever. He ranks at the top of the list of Coolest LDS Guys Whose Blogs I've Read. He doesn't rank at the top of Coolest LDS I Know, however. That still belongs to Skizz McGrizz.

Here we see Ken resting on a stack of books in a library, after a tough day at the salon. He's contemplating his money, and how much smarter he is than the yahoo over in the DVD section. Upon seeing this drawing, my wife merely said, "Why, honey, why?"

Because we all need our heroes.

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