EDM #148 - Something soothing.

This comes from a photograph I took in March 2002 in Cibecue, Arizona. This dog was one of many in the roaming band of seeming strays on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Despite several warnings, Marcia kept petting and squeezing this unnamed pooch. There was another dog that gained the nickname "Farty," for obvious reasons. He was less, shall we say, adorable.

Getting sketchy with the brush pen seems to be serving me rather well. It's nice to bust out of the very controlled style I've had for the last couple portraits. The brush pen is quickly becoming my weapon of choice. Good things can come from forcing yourself to do something.


John said...

I'm pretty sure Farty is featured in Grandaddy's song "Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake."

Martha said...

Wonderful drawing! I really like that line quality. And, he sure is a cutie, I must say.