Friends since the eighth grade, you gotta love this guy (if you know him).

My wife said I'm ridiculous for drawing this in 20 minutes last night. After 200+ drawings in the past year, I think my humility is well-founded.


1. It snowed maybe an inch and a half overnight. The 10 o'clock news had "full team coverage" of this "winter storm alert." I miss Minnesota sometimes.

2. ABC News has FIVE FULL HOURS of live coverage of Super Tuesday tonight. That seems like overkill for a day that's not officially deciding a thing.

3. I'm ok with the Santana trade now. The AL Central is becoming an arms race, and the Twins are restocking at the right time. By 2010, they'll have a new stadium and a division with the Tigers and Indians trailing off. I just have to trust the system.*

* - The above statements are no longer valid if the Twins let go of pitching coach Rick Anderson.

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