That's enough.

You know how it goes. You take a trip somewhere cool, figure fall is just around the bend, and get back home only to find out that you still have the whole month of August to go. And then you cry, or despair in whatever manner seems fitting to you. We've all been there, right?

I'm beginning to think my drawing skills are becoming stodgy. I feel like I hit on a lyrical style in a couple ink and watercolor paintings a few months back, but haven't had much success lately. I am improving with the watercolors, but it seems the compositions lack the vitality I'm striving for. I think I might try ink one more time, and try to remember to focus on shapes rather than lines. I don't know. Maybe I need to bring back cross-hatching. I feel so stagnant. Stupid summer.

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The Happy Painter said...

I love your work - especially those "lyrical" and washy watercolor and ink pieces. Sometimes I do the watercolor first and the ink linework after. That can be really freeing.

I never met anyone who didn't like summer before. LOL.