Unofficial goals for 2007.

As always, two weeks behind the curve.

1. Buy a house and a kitty.
2. Kill el niño.
3. Spend at least 30% more time in Illustrator.
4. Get Ken Jennings to disavow my legalist approach to dice games by publicly declaring me a "Yahtzee Nazi."
5. Use the phrase, "I'm bringin' ushin' back," in context at least once.

What are some of your goals? TELL ME!!!


Anonymous said...

1)Start my own company.
2)Learn all the lyrics to "One Burbon, One Scotch, and One Beer"
3)Catch a fish that weighs over 100lbs.

Nick said...

Nice. I forgot one more:

6) Learn French completely from DVD subtitles.

Anonymous said...

And I forgot one too.

4)Take over Canada with a spork.