Monday again.

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I was able to sit down and write three days last week for about an hour each time. The result is about 3,400 more words for my ongoing book, "Midnight in the Velveteen Sector." The plot is taking me in a few unexpected directions. I'm kind of getting excited about it, but I'm always cautious about blowing it at any moment. There's a kind of tension about writing a work large enough that you can't see the whole thing. A mistake this early on (I'm only 12% through my goal of 100,000 words) could be catastrophic to the work down the road. On the other hand, books that are too cautious early on get set down and never picked up again. One solution is to take some time and flesh out the entire book in more detail before I dive in on the actual writing of it, but I think that method doesn't suit me too well. I like to be surprised by where the story goes, because then I can be relatively assured that the reader will be surprised too. So I guess I'm stuck with having to plow through from beginning to end, hoping it will all work out for the best. When I get the chance I'll post a little tasty blurb f'yallz.

That's it from here, enjoy your Monday and remember: If you touch your brain when you have Alzheimer's you could still, like, die.

PS: My regular readers from Stacy, MN and Prior Lake, MN, identify yourselves! I have a suspicion that we know each other. Shoot me an email if this is the case. Propa!

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