Vote Petrelli or suffer through another year.

Heroes better stop jerking us around sooner or later. I'm about to swear them off for a third time. They have two more weeks left including tonight, so here's a few thoughts:

1. The superhuman/human ratio needs to be restored. This show worked a LOT better before everyone had a power. Ando needs to live, some supers need to die, and they BETTER NOT introduce anymore super characters in the next two weeks. I'll flip a table. I'll do it.

2. Sylar could die. Or not. He's actually turning into a decent bad guy, so I'd be okay with seeing him go on to next season. In fact, if he were there next fall it'd let them save some time having to develop a new bad guy. But who am I kidding? They'll probably spend all next season dancing around any real action. Kill him, see what I care.

3. One of the following group needs to die: Claire, Peter, Linderman, or Hiro. These four have powers that make death kind of pointless. They can heal or travel through time. We know Hiro's not dying. Probably not Claire either. That leaves Linderman or Peter. Linderman seems to be leading the side opposite Horn-Rimmed Glasses, so he's probably staying. Bye bye Peter.

4. Just get rid of psycho blonde chick already. Seriously, can't care less about that whole story line. Maybe she'll die at the same time as the shape-shifter.

Tune in and we'll see how they do at appeasing my demanding viewership!

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