Lounge, and a story.

First, the lounge.

And a story from last night.

My beautiful wife and I were out to dinner, on a date night. Halfway through dinner, she says, "I'm soooooo tired." She's an elementary teacher—this is normal. But as we're walking back to the car, she starts forgetting words, and laughing more than usual. I begin to suspect something is up. On the car ride home some of her sentences don't even make sense. Then it dawned on me.

Maybe you recall a post from last year around this time about my adventures with Benadryl. Suspecting the same, I ask if she took anything for her allergies. She said, "yeah, I thought I'd try one of those pink pills." Bingo. She was riding the Benadryl fog.

We got home and I played Sister Ray for her. About 11 minutes in she says she can't dig this scene. I smile knowingly. She'll be back. You can't kick the 'dryl this time of year.

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