Drawing travels at reasonable speeds.

I'm trying to think of whether Graham Coxon is more like George Harrison or John Lennon. Personality-wise I'd categorize him as George, but his career arc follows John's much more closely. British mega-band's guitarist leaves for a solo career, wanders through a few purposely dense albums, and arrives at some decent pop music. Fits pretty well. Only, Coxon hasn't been shot to death. I guess we can learn a few lessons here:

1. Don't marry a meddling witch,
2. Stay off the US government's radar, and
3. Avoid New York City. That's where all the crazies are.

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Anonymous said...

I like your cross hatching skills. I am just learning that in my drawing class, and it's kinda fun. Granted my drawing still sucks, but I enjoy looking at yours!