I've been on kind of a tear lately. Behold, my most recent non-sketchbook work. It's frameworthy, I'm telling you. If you have $100 plus postage and handling, you could be my first patron. Own an original! Ok, I'm really not trying to sell my work. I'd rather keep this, but everyone has their price.

If you're asking yourself, "What's it all about?" I'd have to say that yes, there is a theme, and no, I don't want to spell it out. Make your own conclusions about the giant mouse statue.

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John said...

Having known of the existence of this delightful little niche of the InterWeb for some time, I'm ashamed to say I've only now just visited.

I know what the theme is by the way. I'll enlighten any inquisitors for a hundred bucks. I might charge s & h for the enlightenment too. I'll let you know. As Nick, the principled artist, noted, everyone has their price.