It starts today.

"March 18, 2008 — It starts today. This is the day I truly begin to strive for great artistry. For too long I've sat in a place of comfort and leisure, afraid or unwilling to make sacrifices for this persistent dream of being a great artist. Today I have to ask myself if this dream is really worth pursuing, not for the first time and, God willing, hopefully not the last. Today I must be in or out. Either I commit to chasing down the elusive beast or I give it up as mere frivolity. There are any number of things to hold me back, very good things with which to occupy my life. But this dream, this passion, may never leave me alone. So the question remains: IN OR OUT? Today I choose to be in. Today I select the path of determination. Today I rededicate myself to elevating above the fray, come what may. Today I dream of growing the beard of the truly inspired individual. It starts today."

If you didn't catch the American Experience episode about Ansel Adams on PBS last night, you owe it to yourself to track it down. I always dismissed him out of hand, solely because everyone had a print of his in their house. I never really considered his message or his artistry. Apparently the guy was very dedicated and hardworking. That makes sense, and gives me a shot in the arm. The part about his lightroom techniques was fantastic. Dude burned and dodged like a mofo, obviously.

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