Star Wars

I grow weary of the endless demand of posting new content everyday. I appreciate all you loyal viewers, you have no idea the kind of ego boost it gives me in the morning when I see that I had 10 visitors the previous day. It's phenomenal, as are all of you. Only I can't keep up the pace. That doesn't mean a drop-off in new content however! Oh no no! My plan is to do fewer pieces, but post updates and progress. I know you've been dying to get a deeper view of the genius in action.

So here's the latest Moleskine spread I'm working on. I ususally start with an object, then see if the background is worth filling out. For my object this time I decided it's time to join the ranks of designers who think Star Wars is worthwhile solely because of kitsch value. I don't actually hold this belief, but the stormtrooper helmet is an interesting shape. So there then. I began with green pen, which I'm none too thrilled with. Black works better in my opinion. But I was stuck with a green pen, so I had to use it. I hatched like a fiend, letting it go a bit more sketchy than I normally allow myself. I'm trying to free the beast I guess.

I colored it in with my colored pencils. The important point to note here is that I was in front of the TV, in a dimly lit living room. I didn't really get a good look at the colors I was using, mostly I judged light and dark and colored accordingly. In retrospect I really love how that part turned out. Talk about freeing the beast. I noticed I had a nice black Pigma Micron pen in with the colored pencils, so I brought that out to bust down some of the green. Oh ho ho ho, Gerard Depardieu! Now we're getting somewhere.

I don't know where this goes from here. I'm sure it'll be fantastic, but it might not be until Thursday morning. Stay tuned?

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