Middle Relief!

Kung fu yells lose a lot in translation.



There's nothing about 1910s baseball that has anything to do with ABBA. Nonetheless, "Take a Chance on Me" will forever be linked in my mind with this picture. It's been in my head for days. I can't get it out. I keep walking around with a really cheesy grin on my face, talking with a vaguely European accent. It's terrible. These pictures, however, not so terrible. Part of my "do it again until you get it right" scheme.


Batter 1

I'm going to keep at this one picture until I get it to the style I'm happy with. Maybe I won't do the next one so late at night.

Sepia and crimson inks with watercolor.


Thrower and Portrait

More old baseball photos turned illo.

Of somebody very sad. Maybe I'm working out a subconscious fear of blindness. Who knows.


Return of Inkies

This time with a twig.

I found a workaround to get (lesser quality) scans of my stuff, so I'm going to ration out maybe one a day until the big scanner at work gets back up and running. I've been plenty busy, too.



Here's a wallpaper I invented for use on my futuristic new Apple Cinema Display monitor. Shiny.

Ups and downs

The bad news is that our scanner at work has no lightbulb. Yikes. So until I come up with a feasible workaround, there will be no viewing my most recent painting of a Russian guy in a very expressionistic state. It's good, too. Furthermore, no yet-to-be-invented paintings will be shown either. I'll try to remedy this as soon as possible so as to spare you from my words.

The good news is that I LOVE AUGUST! Contrary to previous statements, August can be pretty okay if the weather does most of the work. It can start to feel like the start of the start of fall, and that's a very good thing. Observe, the forecast from the National Weather Service (the most reliable forecast in these parts by far):

In a week or two when I get to start the Benadryl fog, this will all be gravy. Let's hear it for redemption!


Pitcher 2

That's it, I'm enhancing my illos in Photoshop from now on.


Dry Season

In the course of creating, there was a sudden downpour outside followed by a steady rain. This hasn't happened in many moons, and thus I declared it the end of our record dry season. The timing of this work coincided with the beginning of the school year here. Being married to a teacher, I declare this time as the beginning of another dry season of a different kind. Thus I stood at a crossroads, playing my artistic guitar, celebrating beginnings and endings. And celebrating the rain, in accordance with local statutes.

Watercolor, ink, and acrylics on paper.



1. I confess to you that I've done most of my work on Moleskines because I like the ego stroking that comes with extra views, comments, and favorites on flickr.

2. Baseball as a subject pulls me into itself. I can't and won't stop with baseball illos.

3. It's about time for Ashton Kutcher to stop popping up on my screen all the time.

4. I'm so done with record heat and driest months on record. Bring on the fall.