Ruby's Hand.

Ink, watercolor, and crayon on watercolor paper.



I'm trying to approach my passion for drawing with as much discipline as I can muster. And with crayons. Definitely crayons.


Another Way Home

Acrylics and watercolors on canvas, 8" x 10".

This one took forever to come together, and almost claimed my favorite jeans along the way. But it's worth it. Eventually things arrange themselves, though it's surprising every time.


This week's drawings

I've been working on using my dip pen and creating from my imagination instead of photographs. There's a delicate balance between going fast enough to have interesting, sketchy lines and going slow enough to think about composition and form. I've yet to find that balance. The dance of artistic discovery continues.


Jesus & Peter.

Los que viven al lado de la plancha morirĂ¡n por la plancha. (Those who live by the bodyslam shall die by the bodyslam.)

The role of Peter will be played in this case by a lucha libre lawyer. Both of these are part of my collection of small figurines on a shelf at work. The Jesus figurine is also part of my ever-growing collection of Jesus chotchkies. I figure if people feel okay making them then I feel okay mocking them.


"But perhaps God is strong enough to exult in monotony. It is possible that God says every morning, 'Do it again' to the sun; and every evening, 'Do it again' to the moon. It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike; it may be that God makes every daisy separately, but has never got tired of making them. It may be that He has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we." -GK Chesterton

Ink drawings again.

I got a new ink pen over the weekend in an effort to bring my drawing skills anywhere in the range of Dave McKean. I really like the new range of line quality I can get, but I still have a ways to go with my actual drawing skills, especially as it pertains to people. Then it's a matter of incorporating paint/collage/whatever, then ???, then profits!


Golden 7/9/9

An ideal summer night, a street fair, a river, and massive amounts of public sculpture all came together for rockin' goodtimes. Thanks for having me!


America's Got Ennui.

Not even Hasselhoff can save summer television programming.




I've been really busy with my children's book lately, and so I haven't done, well, much of anything else. But here's a black and white picture of Sasha begging for caramel corn to make you feel better!


Petunia and Pops preview spread

I just can't help posting these. I guess I love the ego boost. This isn't being done in order, so don't panic if the story doesn't make sense.


Petunia and Pops.

It's been a while, no? This is what I've been up to: my first foray into the magical world of children's literature. It's the first completed spread from a story I'm writing called "Petunia and Pops," about a penguin who loves to paint and her slightly-OCD father. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.


Summer in Colorado.

Time for some bluegrass, grilling, and hiking. I pretty much hate summer, but I'm trying to change that this time around. Maybe if I can just stay cool and avoid hearing the crazy neighbors.


Think of Me When Everything You Wanted Starts to End

Acrylics, watercolor, and ink on canvas. 12" x 24".

This is the first time in a while that a painting isn't better than the one that preceded it. Not that I don't love this one, but it's not perfect. I'll get it on the next try.


Go, Snobatron! Go!

I took Snobatron out on the Sante Fe Trail in northern Colorado Springs last night. A bit of it was on Air Force Academy property. There were trains, and old broken down train stuff, and a creek, and mountains, and a little rain. So yeah, it was pretty much far and away the best ride I've had yet. I'm amazed at how fast this city can go from average suburbia to rugged outdoors. I guess I'm pretty lucky.

Ok, so it was only about 4.7 miles. It seemed a lot longer. Apparently the train blocking the trail is a near-permanent fixture, and I should take a different route next time. Also, I'm going to make sure to lock down the front hub next time. I could've gotten seriously messed up.


Aspirational Distinctives

Acrylics, ink, and watercolors on canvas.
12" x 24"

The end of each painting I do seems to come unexpectedly. I keep working on it, it seems to be going nowhere, and then all of a sudden WHAM!!!

Painting done.

I'm very proud of this one. It's my favorite painting I've ever done, and I'm inclined to suggest it's the best one as well.


Denver field trip.

Took a trip with colleagues to Denver last night. Good times.

Buildings in the Art District

Cheesman Park

Downtown, from the 7th floor of the public library

Inside the Mayan Theater

The new industrial design documentary "Objectified" was screened last night at the Mayan Theater in Denver. It's from the maker of "Helvetica." Designers were out in full force. It was a pretty good movie, gave me a lot to chew on. We ducked out during the Q&A because I hate listening to designers go on and on.