Can You Feel It?

I normally don't like putting videos up, but I feel so depressed about the state of sports that I need a pick me up. Maybe you do too, so:


Drawing travels at reasonable speeds.

I'm trying to think of whether Graham Coxon is more like George Harrison or John Lennon. Personality-wise I'd categorize him as George, but his career arc follows John's much more closely. British mega-band's guitarist leaves for a solo career, wanders through a few purposely dense albums, and arrives at some decent pop music. Fits pretty well. Only, Coxon hasn't been shot to death. I guess we can learn a few lessons here:

1. Don't marry a meddling witch,
2. Stay off the US government's radar, and
3. Avoid New York City. That's where all the crazies are.


A new venture.

The grammatically correct Tote Awez, a collaboration between myself and Gordon. We're not quite sure what its identity will be just yet, but the name was too good to let go.


A warning of sorts.

I'm not a Boston hater. I'd take BC's quarterback in the draft, I wish all good things for Kevin Garnett, and I'd still much rather hear Joe Buck and Tim McCarver have to say nice things about the Red Sox instead of the Yankees.

I just wish the East Coast Media Bias (yeah, it gets proper name status now) could be toned down a few notches is all. And if Boston teams end up winning all sorts of stuff over the next year, I might go the way of the hater. But not yet.

The Bruins still suck! Yeah!


They can't all be winners, part 2.

I was trying to improve my speed, that's why it looks like I really mailed this one in from a tropical island. I also returned to the V5, thanks to finding one in the couch cushions last weekend.


Messenger bag.

I spent most of the past four days laid up on the couch with something really painfully wrong with my neck. This was the only thing I drew in all that idle time. On the upside, I found a V5 tucked under a cushion. Score.



It took me a week to do this. Really. It's that good.


Weird fishes.

In honor of the new Radiohead album. Sorta.

As a follow-up to yesterday: Paul's right, I should give my $100 drawing to them. That way art could be free, and go both ways, just like that old children's favorite Bible story of Jehoshaboam and the Art Swap at Jabesh Gilead. So Radiohead, let me know your address and it's yours. And I promise I won't give away your address to the millions of other fans. Although, you did give away your phone number on an EP cover, but whatever.

This new album is a perfect storm of sorts, the kind that will become a case study in advanced marketing classes soon and very soon. Think about it. They're releasing it themselves, giving them a dramatically bigger share of the profits (like at least 8x by my math). They gave the public ten days warning, long enough for buzz to build but not long enough for people to forget. They're reestablishing the packaging as art, as it seems many people are willing to shell out the big bucks for the hard copy, which includes LPs and photos and such.

And to top it off, THIS IS AN AMAZING ALBUM. Really, it sounds like the logical follow-up to OK Computer, a few years too late. For the first time in, ok, several weeks, I'm all about simply listening to an album over and over and over.

Radiohead has a tech-savvy cult following, mainstream recognition, and a reputation for doing things unconventionally. I was trying to think of other bands that could pull this off, and I can only think of one: U2. I think that's saying something.

So here's to you, Radiohead. Thank you for redeeming an otherwise unbearably hot autumn. You are my favorite band in the interim between now and whenever the new Blur album comes out.


An open letter to Radiohead.

Dear Radiohead,

I love your new album. You guys are a fantastic band. I'm sorry to say I didn't get "Hail to the Thief," mostly because "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" were pretty dense for my tastes. But "In Rainbows" is quite solid, so kudos.

I feel guilty, however. When your site asked me to name my own price, I named 0. I basically legally stole your album. Understand that I have no extra money to pay for new music and I really appreciate your possibly unintentional generosity. I do have a plan though: If you like, I can make you some cookies. Really good ones, too. The cookie equivalent of your new album. I don't know how much it would cost to mail them to you, but I figure you deserve something from me for all your efforts, and this is what I can offer.

Let me know.


Now playing: Radiohead - Bodysnatchers



I've been on kind of a tear lately. Behold, my most recent non-sketchbook work. It's frameworthy, I'm telling you. If you have $100 plus postage and handling, you could be my first patron. Own an original! Ok, I'm really not trying to sell my work. I'd rather keep this, but everyone has their price.

If you're asking yourself, "What's it all about?" I'd have to say that yes, there is a theme, and no, I don't want to spell it out. Make your own conclusions about the giant mouse statue.



The Bic Z4 is no Pilot V5, but it holds its own. The difference in performance is very slight. Smaller drawings help, but I still feel like I'm not doing enough. It took me three days to fill this page. Sigh.

If anyone has a time machine and feels like meeting up for some tailgating before last Saturday's Air Force game, there are the instructions. But I know you won't show.


They can't all be winners.

I really hate when I give in to my inclination to go sketchy. I think I need to steer away from sketchbook activity and towards larger projects again. That will probably help me more than anything right now.


Vikings desktop wallpaper.

Are you a fan of the Minnesota Vikings? Do you feel shame? Do you want to express your disgust with the direction of the team? Are you a Packers fan that wants to get in a few jabs? Here you go! A nice little desktop wallpaper I invented to get these sentiments across. You're welcome.

Sketch page 10.3.07

An electric pencil sharpener and a pumpkin, somehow they seem to represent what October means to me. Well, not so much the sharpener. But the pumpkin for sure. Now I need a football. And Joe Buck with a fist in his jaw. That's what October means to me. If the Yankees get to inexplicably start their playoffs a day later every year, at least stick them in the early game! They don't need to be prime time every game! The Rockies will have played twice before either the Yankees or Indians take the field. Unfair.

Go Rox!


Lamp and remote.

Am I getting too "sketchy"? I'm still trying to find my style, yo. I lost the last of my pack of Pilot super-fine pens at the mini golf course this weekend. It fell out of my hand while I was keeping score and started losing its inky blood from damage done by the cold, hard cement. I'm left with my Pitt super-fine pen, but it's not the same. The ink flow isn't how I like it, and india ink doesn't hit the paper the same way. I'm bummed.

My analytics stats have been down since I revised my template late last week. If you've been on the site since Friday, could you let me know? Where you are, how long you were on, what pages you looked at, your operating system, etc. I'm kidding, obviously.