Lionel Gogeter.

"Scanner computer, aka Lionel Gogeter"



My drawing table has returned to me, after long being in my wife's classroom. I also bought me a watercolor sketchbook, so it looks like things are moving forward. Here's the first one I've done on the table.

"I find it very hard to believe that a gorgeous building like this can coexist with some of its neighbors with any modicum of architectural harmony. This comes from an old photograph, taken sometime in the late nineteenth century. It's from St. Cloud State, and I'm not quite sure if it's Riverview Hall or the building with the old gym directly next to Riverview Hall. At any rate, this building once stood proud, alone in a vast lawn dotted with healthy, young maple trees. Some of the trees remain to this day (and turn a most enchanting shade of gold in October), but most of the lawn has been replaced with streets, retaining walls, and parking lots. In the 1960s, St. Cloud State underwent vast expansion at the same time the International Style, possibly the most evil movement ever to mar the good name of architecture, swept across middle America. Today the stately Riverview stands shoulder to shoulder with a slew of cold, ugly, ineffectual heaps of brick and concrete that can't hold a candle to the historical might of a well-designed building. Of course, the whole thing is probably lost on the majority of SCSU's student body. Such is the nature of progress I suppose."

If you like laughing, especially in response to funny things.



This one took me a couple hours last night. It's probably the best drawing I've ever done. It took me like three hours to do the shading on the upper lip. There's plenty more where that came from. What's your favorite Mayocake moment?


The ravages of taco bar.

What you think is better, color or no? (Yes, I'm fishing for comments on this one.)

Lounge, and a story.

First, the lounge.

And a story from last night.

My beautiful wife and I were out to dinner, on a date night. Halfway through dinner, she says, "I'm soooooo tired." She's an elementary teacher—this is normal. But as we're walking back to the car, she starts forgetting words, and laughing more than usual. I begin to suspect something is up. On the car ride home some of her sentences don't even make sense. Then it dawned on me.

Maybe you recall a post from last year around this time about my adventures with Benadryl. Suspecting the same, I ask if she took anything for her allergies. She said, "yeah, I thought I'd try one of those pink pills." Bingo. She was riding the Benadryl fog.

We got home and I played Sister Ray for her. About 11 minutes in she says she can't dig this scene. I smile knowingly. She'll be back. You can't kick the 'dryl this time of year.


Eddie Simpson.

Eddie says:

"Gosh, you didn't do me any favors, did you? I guess that's what I get for having my picture come up on a Google image search."

Football 2007.

Remember when I predicted the Super Bowl would be Vikes/Jets? What I meant was “a preseason game I'd actually watch.” And after watching the Vikings dismantle the Jets on Friday night, I now feel a lot more confident about my team and about the season in general. So here is my official pick 'em for the year, complete with totally wrong post-season predictions. First, the Vikes:

9/9 FALCONS - Win
9/16 @Lions - Win
9/23 @Chiefs - Win
9/30 PACKERS - Win
10/7 BYE
10/14 @Bears - Loss
10/21 @Cowboys - Win
10/28 EAGLES - Loss
11/4 CHARGERS - Loss
11/11 @Packers - Win
11/18 RAIDERS - Win
11/25 @Giants - Win
12/2 LIONS - Win
12/9 @49ers - Loss
12/17 BEARS - Win
12/23 REDSKINS - Win
12/30 @Broncos - Win

What?! I have them going 12-4?! Oh well, I've already called it, guess I just have to ride my homer pick for all it's worth. I especially love them beating the Chiefs, Broncos, and Giants. Hopefully with this awesome record they compile they'll make some Sunday night flex games. Mint. As for the rest of the league:

NFC North: Vikings
NFC South: Saints
NFC East: Eagles
NFC West: 49ers
NFC WC1: Seahawks
NFC WC2: Rams

Wow. I didn't see that Rams pick coming. But it feels right. Also, the Bears stink this year. Sorry.

AFC North: Ravens
AFC South: Colts
AFC East: Pats
AFC West: Chargers
AFC WC1: Jags
AFC WC2: Jets

Sorry to be so pedestrian about the AFC, but that conference is pretty much set. I don't see many surprises there this year, much to the chagrin of football fans everywhere. So:

Super Bowl XLII: Eagles vs. Ravens, Ravens take home the Battle of the Birds.


Waiting for countertops.

I think lately my style has been getting a lot more loose than I'd like. It seems my drawings carry the most charm and style when all the lines look deliberate. So I'm trying to rein in the sketchiness a bit. I'm also trying to figure out a signature technique for coloring these in Photoshop after the fact. It's proving a mite difficult.

On the home front, the countertops will be installed within three weeks. Thus will end the longest stretch of my life lived almost entirely out of a microwave. This includes college, of which I had a meal plan for the vast majority. I'm very surprised at how I can no longer take prolonged stretches without quality home-cooked meals. It ranks right up there with voluntarily waking up before 8 on a Saturday and successfully stifling a laugh when someone audibly cuts one off at work. I guess I'm really growing up.


More logo creep.

A follow up to an old post about logo-encrusted vests and photographers of the NFL:

Read all about it.

The most poignant quote comes from NPPA vice president John B. Zibluk:

“It would be naive to believe the walking billboard movement will stop with one organization, one vest, and two logos. We really need to draw a line here... This issue is clear, and it serves as a wakeup call about the dangers and expansion of commercialism without oversight."

Commercialism without oversight. I like that term. I'll have to stuff that away in the mental vault for later.



"In an effort to bring a touch of class to the office, I brought in my teapot and a couple of cups with saucers. Several people have asked me whether it's tea or coffee (it's coffee, natch). I'm tempted to tell them it's cherry Kool Aid.

It's a refined alternative to your typical bulky mug. Molto classico."


So much time wasted.

Apparently I only draw when I have nothing else better to do. So despite ample time in Minnesota over the past week, I only came up with these drawings. I probably need to get over the hump and learn how to draw in public without being all coy about it. Then maybe my output will be more bountiful. They're quality though, does that help?


My project.

My humblest apologies for my lack of illustration and posting lately. I've been busy with my big project.

Here is the only thing I've drawn in the last week:

I'll have plenty more when I return from Minnesota. There won't be a post between now and next Monday, but rest assured that there will be plenty in the future.



I don't even know what to say. I've driven over that bridge hundreds of times. Luckily, nobody I know was involved. It's nuts. I don't know why, but I have a hard time seeing pictures of it. It just gets you.