A bad night.

1. Killer bees.
Last night I'm walking through the park with my girl and my dog, and my dog gets stung on the nose by a bee. And while I'm standing there feeling sorry for her, I get stung on the back of the leg. The first sting I ever got (and the only other one in my life) was when I was seven and it didn't hurt all that much. This one, however, was very painful. And what's worse, it was completely unprovoked. So as a warning to all, I'm alerting you to the presence of a swarm of hyper-agressive killer bees in Palmer Park. Watch yourself, and be ready to run. Sasha picked up a second sting on her right rear leg. She was limping the rest of the night. It was very sad.

2. Migraines.
As if my sore, stung leg wasn't enough, I got a migraine. I can remember watching Terrell Davis carry the Broncos to a Super Bowl victory over the Packers in 1998 while suffering from a migraine, and sitting in my parents' family room I thought to myself, "Ok, dude's got a headache. Big deal." Then I got a migraine in February 2004, but I didn't know it was one when it was happening. It started as a big blind spot, which freaked me out because if I go blind there goes my career. Then I started forgetting things and not being able to understand words, which freaked me out because if I go stupid there goes my personality. Then I got a really really bad headache and had to go to bed, which freaked me out because if I can't watch CSI there goes my Thursday night. I had another one about six months ago, it was so bad I had to go home from work and couldn't be upright or open my eyes for a good three to four hours. This one last night was pretty bad, but I made it through. FYI, watching two episodes of "House" about incurable, unknown diseases while you're fighting off a migraine really doesn't do much for your self-image.

3. Sports radio.
This morning I turned on the radio and to my surprise Sports 1240 had changed formats to a bland, news-oriented talk show station. I'm furious now. Why the heck? There's already more of those than I can count. Heaven forbid we should have a national sports radio station in town. Angry angry angry.

So, in order to cheer both myself and yourself up on this gloomy day, let's watch some Japanese (at least I think so) contraptions.


gordon said...

so on house, did you see what happened to the doctor that was in isolation with the cop, and they couldn't figure out what disease he had? i had to go out the other night and didn't see what happened, and it's killing me!!

Nick said...

The cop died, the doctor didn't. It was some disease from the water on the roof of the cop's place. (Why they didn't spend a few more minutes searching it right from the beginning is beyond me.) But they had to do another biopsy on the doctor's brain, and he was all backwards and messed up because of it. The end.