Downtown Atlanta.

Last Tuesday night Dan, James, and I took a walk around downtown Atlanta. Fresh off of a conference session entitled "The Drawing Habit," we decided it would be good to just get out there and draw. Here's my best one from the evening. The homeless people are so nice down there. They stop and talk to you, really act interested in what you're doing before they hit you up for money. I appreciate that, and feel much better about giving them some money. Unfortunately all I had was 63 cents. Eh well.

"Cool breeze and low humidity. Summer evenings in the city of the Falcons, Hawks, and Thrashers can be quite pleasant. Apparently there's a guy at the Emmanuel Mission a couple blocks away that's a good artist. So says the kindly guy I gave 63 cents to. Propa."

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Gordon said...

nice sketch dude, you should keep that up.