Italian coin.

I can't stop drawing and posting, it's becoming an obsession.

"This is my SECOND FAVORITE COIN in the whole world. My absolute favorite coin was a British Pound that I lost a few years back. It was the only coin I ever felt bad about losing. I got both of them on a trip to Europe when I was eighteen, back before the rise of the Euro. I was digging through some scraps from that trip the other day and stumbled across my collection of coins. I decided to start bringing this one with me wherever I go from now on for two reasons: 1. Italian things are classy. I feel a little more refined when I rock the L. 500 piece. And 2. the outer ring is silverish but the inside looks like copper. Any coin that can go 2-tone is gravy in my book. Sometimes I lament living in the United States because our money is so lame. It doesn't help that I live near the Money Museum, where I can go to covet other countries' currency whenever I get the mood. I really wonder how many people besides numismatists ever think about the design of money. I also wonder how many people out there walk around carrying a defunct currency."

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Jan said...

i think about it quite regularly, and am very grateful that we don't have dollar bills like switzerland...too many seizures would result.