Droorings from the weekend.

I was a busy boy.

Someone left a nice pen on my desk, so I went a little crazy. Cross-hatching certainly seems to lend itself well to some drawings but not others. I also tried doing a bit more commenting in the page, I think it works out pretty well.

Drawing something that's predominantly black is tricky. Some watercolors certainly would have helped the cause but that's another medium for another month (or year).

The most complete composition I've done yet, I think this counts as probably the best drawing I've ever done. I spent like three hours shading the upper lip. There's plenty more where that came from.


Anonymous said...

Love the drawings, and congrats on the house!! When are you guys coming back to MN to visit??


Nick said...

I'll be back in Minny in early August for a wedding.

Jan said...

you bought a house? congratulations.