I took another stab at the bird, this time to fit a frame and a color scheme. It's going to hang in my family room, above the fireplace. I named him Gus.

At church they showed a list of congregant family members who have died in military service. So many of them are since 2003. I cried. Humanity is tearing itself apart in the name of doing God's work. Satan knows he only needs to set us on each other to win. On a day like Memorial Day, it's not difficult to despair that he's up to the task.

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John said...

Amen [in a sad, diminutive voice]. Reading church history, I've observed much the same thing. And it hasn't accomplished anything in 500 years. Can we try something different for a change? Maybe living by Jesus's ethic of loving, serving and sacrificing self for neighbor? Oh wait, that just might work. Can't have that.

Also, amen [in a hearty booming voice]! Hang that beautiful bird in the family room!