A little time off.

Hello friends, well-wishers, and voyeurs. I wanted to update you on what the deal is with this blog.

I've been forced into making some major repairs to my basement, which has raided my calendar and checkbook to an extensive degree. This also involved taking down my studio area for the time being. We've passed the rock bottom point of the crisis, and we're on our way back up now, thank God. There is still a lot of work to do, however. It's all up in the air right now, but I'm hoping that we'll be back on track by Thanksgiving. So...

You won't be hearing from me until then on this blog. If you really get a jones (which I highly doubt), you can look at my flickr photostream. That will keep you sated in the off chance that you actually track my stuff.

When this blog relaunches after Thanksgiving (let's call it December 1st unless something changes), it will be all about illustration. And by that I mean that it will be all about developing as an illustrator in an attempt to one day be a full-time illustrator. Maybe there will be links to other illo blogs, maybe other fun and fancy blog trickery, who knows. But I feel like I have been treading water lately and it's time to max out and GO FOR IT!!! YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!

So yeah. Come back on December 1st.

Foux da fa fa,

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