Fire up the copy machine!

Inspired by Jeremy Cowart, I decided to try my hand at a heavily-photoshopped self-portrait.

I really like that video, though the more I think about it the more it surprises me. It's a picture of Jesus. I have been conditioned (mostly conditioning myself) to be somewhat of an iconoclast. Crosses, doves, crowns of thorns, all that stuff, it just seems like a cheap shorthand for ideas that are incredibly complex, rich, and worth a lot more thought. And I suppose that if I just saw the end result of the video, I'd probably give it about a half second of thought, then move on. Not that it's fair to the artist, but it's how I would react.

Watching the process, however, is the magic--at least for me. I love the immense layering that goes on in photoshop. It's one of my favorite things to do. That's more why I made my own version, to learn a bit by emulating the process in the video. (Mission accomplished, in case you're wondering.)

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John said...

Um, dude. I was cleaning out Reader last night, and I had the passing thought that I might unsubscribe. I'm glad you're back.