Season finale wrap-up.

If I missed your show, it's only because I don't watch it. Because it's dumb.

1. American Idol
Does anyone else find it ironic that the parade of singers they brought out in the finale (with the exception of Carrie Underwood) wouldn't win American Idol, and in some cases wouldn't even come close? Just the other day I was listening to Gladys Knight & the Pips' "Midnight Train to Georgia" on the way into work and thinking to myself that it definitely had to be one of the top three background vocal performances in the history of popular music, hands down. So AI producers thought, "Hey, let's replace the Pips with six twenty-something girls dressed up like the virgins from 'History of the World, Part I'! It can't miss!!!" Disappointing. I didn't watch the whole thing, mostly because of that move.

2. Dancing With the Stars
We all knew Apollo Anton Ono would win from day one. I just like to think that he and his dance partner are getting married in June. I defy you to find a cuter couple on network TV.

3. Grey's Anatomy
Most depressing season finale ever. Seriously, out of the ten or so plotlines, not one single person was happy at the end. Is there some sort of rule that this show has to make you want to blow your brains out? Or are the writers off their Paxil?

4. Heroes
Somehow Sylar can stop five bullets in midair, but he can't stop Hiro running at him very slowly with a sword? And what kind of Samurai is Hiro anyway? He didn't even chop off Sylar's head! And suddenly DL is ok, even though he was near death last week? And in one of the biggest plot holes ever, Peter can absorb peoples' powers, but he has to have Nathan fly him into outer space?! That was a horrible finale. Like James said, middle schoolers could've written it better. I want to give up on this show again, but I'll probably be sucked in once more come fall.

5. Medium
Meh, I think my wife and I are the only ones who watch this show anyway. You wouldn't care what I thought.

6. National Bingo Night
Not really a season finale, but still. Great show. I had a blast playing along at home, and they found plenty of ways to spice up the traditional Bingo game. Love the commissioner too. No Bingo!

Enjoy your Thursday and remember: Joe Perry will do anything-- anything --for a paycheck.


pberry said...

Joe Perry. What do you even say about that?

Jan said...

i liked medium. it is on at the wrong time. that time being on tv, and i don't have tivo.