Football 2007.

Remember when I predicted the Super Bowl would be Vikes/Jets? What I meant was “a preseason game I'd actually watch.” And after watching the Vikings dismantle the Jets on Friday night, I now feel a lot more confident about my team and about the season in general. So here is my official pick 'em for the year, complete with totally wrong post-season predictions. First, the Vikes:

9/9 FALCONS - Win
9/16 @Lions - Win
9/23 @Chiefs - Win
9/30 PACKERS - Win
10/7 BYE
10/14 @Bears - Loss
10/21 @Cowboys - Win
10/28 EAGLES - Loss
11/4 CHARGERS - Loss
11/11 @Packers - Win
11/18 RAIDERS - Win
11/25 @Giants - Win
12/2 LIONS - Win
12/9 @49ers - Loss
12/17 BEARS - Win
12/23 REDSKINS - Win
12/30 @Broncos - Win

What?! I have them going 12-4?! Oh well, I've already called it, guess I just have to ride my homer pick for all it's worth. I especially love them beating the Chiefs, Broncos, and Giants. Hopefully with this awesome record they compile they'll make some Sunday night flex games. Mint. As for the rest of the league:

NFC North: Vikings
NFC South: Saints
NFC East: Eagles
NFC West: 49ers
NFC WC1: Seahawks
NFC WC2: Rams

Wow. I didn't see that Rams pick coming. But it feels right. Also, the Bears stink this year. Sorry.

AFC North: Ravens
AFC South: Colts
AFC East: Pats
AFC West: Chargers
AFC WC1: Jags
AFC WC2: Jets

Sorry to be so pedestrian about the AFC, but that conference is pretty much set. I don't see many surprises there this year, much to the chagrin of football fans everywhere. So:

Super Bowl XLII: Eagles vs. Ravens, Ravens take home the Battle of the Birds.

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