Waiting for countertops.

I think lately my style has been getting a lot more loose than I'd like. It seems my drawings carry the most charm and style when all the lines look deliberate. So I'm trying to rein in the sketchiness a bit. I'm also trying to figure out a signature technique for coloring these in Photoshop after the fact. It's proving a mite difficult.

On the home front, the countertops will be installed within three weeks. Thus will end the longest stretch of my life lived almost entirely out of a microwave. This includes college, of which I had a meal plan for the vast majority. I'm very surprised at how I can no longer take prolonged stretches without quality home-cooked meals. It ranks right up there with voluntarily waking up before 8 on a Saturday and successfully stifling a laugh when someone audibly cuts one off at work. I guess I'm really growing up.

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Anonymous said...

I plasma screen TV with rabbit ears. I think that's the first I've seen of that.