Weird fishes.

In honor of the new Radiohead album. Sorta.

As a follow-up to yesterday: Paul's right, I should give my $100 drawing to them. That way art could be free, and go both ways, just like that old children's favorite Bible story of Jehoshaboam and the Art Swap at Jabesh Gilead. So Radiohead, let me know your address and it's yours. And I promise I won't give away your address to the millions of other fans. Although, you did give away your phone number on an EP cover, but whatever.

This new album is a perfect storm of sorts, the kind that will become a case study in advanced marketing classes soon and very soon. Think about it. They're releasing it themselves, giving them a dramatically bigger share of the profits (like at least 8x by my math). They gave the public ten days warning, long enough for buzz to build but not long enough for people to forget. They're reestablishing the packaging as art, as it seems many people are willing to shell out the big bucks for the hard copy, which includes LPs and photos and such.

And to top it off, THIS IS AN AMAZING ALBUM. Really, it sounds like the logical follow-up to OK Computer, a few years too late. For the first time in, ok, several weeks, I'm all about simply listening to an album over and over and over.

Radiohead has a tech-savvy cult following, mainstream recognition, and a reputation for doing things unconventionally. I was trying to think of other bands that could pull this off, and I can only think of one: U2. I think that's saying something.

So here's to you, Radiohead. Thank you for redeeming an otherwise unbearably hot autumn. You are my favorite band in the interim between now and whenever the new Blur album comes out.

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