"Breathing in is the single greatest thing I know. It goes beyond the simple fact that my life would be impossible without it, inhaling is a friend, taken for granted thousands of times a day and yet always there to sustain you and refresh you whenever you stop to think about it. Exhaling is the very last thing you will ever do in this world. Breathing out is panic, breathing out is decay, BREATHING OUT IS DEATH.

"Last year, at my cousin Seymour's funeral, I opened my eyes to the truth about respiration. Whenever I was on the verge of breaking down, when I could feel the lump rising in my throat and the faintest of quivers in my lower lip, I simply breathed in. The effect was sudden and surprising, in that I found the strength to control my emotions without fail. Breathing in separated me, both emotionally and physically, from my cousin Seymour.

"By managing to do what he ultimately failed at, I kept myself from having to join him in the casket. I imagine that when you're dead you cry for everyone that you've left alive. A lot."

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