Painting again.

With my basement nearing completion, I've found time again (by procrastinating on other things) to begin painting once more. I uncovered some old canvases to reuse, so this is the first one. I have three goals for this painting:

1. Take my time. Most of my pieces up to now have been done within two hours. This one I'd like to get to ten hours. I think I could build up a lot better texture if I just stuck with one painting far longer than feels natural. So far I've spent three hours on this one, and fun things are already starting to happen.

2. Get intuitive. I've been obsessed with trying to find the right process in the past; this has led to some very stale work. I doubt I could even keep track of my process with so much work going into this, but hopefully some vitality and freshness will peek out in the end product. I'm also not worrying too much about colors. Whatever feels right is what I'll use. In the past I've been afraid of ending up with every color imaginable in the same painting. But you know what? Van Gogh used a ton of colors too, and yet his paintings have definite color tones. (Yes, I'm comparing myself to him. No, I don't feel bad about it.)

3. Be accurate. If this ends up looking up somewhat like my wife (so far so good), all the better.

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