The birthday post.

Here's a recap of my weekend:

Friday: Golfing at Cherokee Ridge's par-3 course. Had a couple pars, shot 39 (it was my first time out this year, lay off). That is a rinky-dink course though. It boasted holes of 88 and 92 yards. Monsters. Went out to Saltgrass Steak House for dinner. Had the 12-ounce prime rib, steak fries, and chicken tortilla soup. The soup didn't hold a candle to Marcia's recipe, but the steak was pretty good. Bumped into Kate and Thom there. They're our "bumping into in restaurants" buddies.

Saturday: Breakfast at IHOP, eggs benedict which were wonderful. Marcia kept pointing out every cute little kid in the restaurant. I think my parents will start to suspect things. Visited Golden. If you enjoy photography or biking, that's your town. Headed up Lookout Mountain to see the Buffalo Bill museum and gravesite. Managed not to run down any bicyclists on the way up, there were at least 50. Went to Blackhawk and Central City looking for gold mine tours, settled for a casino buffet instead (I think it was the Isle of Capri). Got back to Colorado Springs and schooled my parents in 500, 3 games to 2.

Sunday: Danny Oertli led worship at church. That guy's everywhere. Hardest working man in Front Range Evangelical show business? Brunch at the Broadmoor, my first 5-star dining experience ever. Felt extra-compelled to cram as much down my gullet as possible. It was all very very delicious. Weirdly, a girl from Marcia's Bible study was our waitress. Watched "Stranger Than Fiction" (birthday present, LOVE that movie), went to Bear Creek dog park. Marcia made an apple pie from scratch. I love that woman. Bless her soul. More 500, won again 3 games to 2.

I ate so much. I'm still full. Help.


pberry said...

Still full? Didn't I see you eating some of that stuff Momoko made?

Jan said...

happy birthday.

you THINK it is your parents that are getting ideas...oh how sadly mistaken you are.

Gordon said...

happy birthday holmes!

Anonymous said...

Happy Day of Birth, I'm super happy someone takes care of you so well. Out of the four of us, who do you think will have kids first? Four being Me (Jesse), Jan, Gordon, or you? I'll take bets on my myspace page!!!

Gordon said...

it's totally nicklee. jesse, why aren't you on my friends list on myspace. wtf?? i thought you were. damn.