Tidings for the weekend.

First: Mega huge birthday propers to Jan! It really is too bad you have to share your birthday with Hitler and Columbine. It would be sooooo much better if you were a pothead, today being 4/20 and all. Strike up some Sublime for me.

Second: I ran 1.5 miles last night. It was sweet. Mental toughness, that's what it's all about. The ability to tell your body to keep going when it feels like you have nothing left in the tank. So my distances for the first three runs of the year (go ahead, have a chuckle) are .87, 1.12, and 1.50. I like this direction. Pretty soon I'll be jogging so many miles I'll need nipple tape.

Take that, liberal conspiracy! We're on to you!

Fourth: The parentals are in town for the weekend. I'm really actually pretty excited. If anyone knows something fun to do in the central Colorado area, I'm all ears. I'm getting my first golfing of the year in this afternoon. It's been so long, I'm just trying not to get beat by my parents. It's their first time on a course ever. I better be freaking amazing. Wish me horrible luck.


Gordon said...

Good luck on the links. Ahhhh, I remember the days playing the amazing crappy course down near Hastings. Then again, I was amazingly crappy too, so all's fair I guess.

pberry said...

5th, the Twins will drop three in a row this weekend, which will suck.

Jan said...

wow. that is perhaps the funniest news paper article i have ever read. I wonder if somebody had the heart to call and inform the person who wrote it how stupid they truly are?