I am the healthiest man alive!

Killing yourself jogging before killing yourself at work, not such a great idea. Especially when there are stairs involved at the office. Nonetheless, I resolved to drag myself into my jogging outfit at 5:45 am. You know that running route I said I would run by July 10th? Yeah, I ran it today. Jan was right, it wouldn't take me nearly that long. With slight revisions the route lasted a total of 2.1477 miles. That's easily the longest I've ever run in my life.

Gmaps Pedometer is the best. I think I'm doing much better because I always know how far I've gone and how far I need to go. If I was running without knowing these things, I'd probably give up a lot sooner. Check it out for any kind of outdoor activity.

I'm really impressed with how fast my body is getting into shape. It was a mere 3 or 4 weeks ago when I couldn't even go a mile. My heart and lungs are becoming much more efficient with every run, and my mental endurance is coming along right with it. Won't be long before I'll be able to run for an hour. Maybe.

The downside is that now my legs are absolutely killing me. It took me about twice as long to shower this morning on account of I had absolutely nothing left in the tank. And they keep the good coffee on the second floor. Dang. Guess I'm taking the elevator.

The route is here. Enjoy Tie Thursday!


Gordon said...

nice! you'll be running for an hour at a pop in no time. and seriously, 5:45am?!? you're hardcore man. i can't even drag my ass out of bed before 7.

pberry said...

Atta boy!

Jan said...

next goal needs to be a 5K. then work on increasing speed before going further distances, then work it on up. when you come back to MN, you will be able to run even farther i am sure, since you are training at high altitude. heh.

hey, you should check out the nike+ipod thing. it is a chip you put in your shoe, and a sensor you put on your ipod. it tracks your running and gives you status updates while you run.

plus we could have a throw-down competition. it lets you set up challenges against each other on the website.