New glasses.

I love getting new glasses. It's a certain feeling of intelligence and invincibility that makes me want to reinvent myself. It ranks second to new socks. Here's my new eyewear.

The picture doesn't really convey the angularness of these, especially in comparison to my old frames. But let's just say I look no less than 25% smarter now, with an equal boost in aerodynamics. Gunmetal is claaaaaaaaaassy.

Here's the gimmick site of the day, in a related story. And my results. I'm a classic. They reccomend I rock some metal Ray Bans. Um, thanks Lenscrafters. Way ahead of you.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!New glasses day. (insert happy dance) I LOVE New Glasses Day!!!

Jan said...

hey. those look a lot like my new glasses.


Jan said...

oh, and bring on the aviator glasses for me.

Gordon said...

jan, i totally had converse glasses before you!!! (but i had to return them because they made me look like i was trying really hard to be one of those "i'm hip, but i'm also smart and i work in technology and you shouldn't even try to talk to me because you can't relate to me at my level, and you don't understand my art" people)