I hate TV.

I JUST GOT WORD today from this link that the Black Donnelly's is getting the boot. That's just dumb. For one, I like that show. Second, it's had about 5 weeks to prove itself, three of those with crappy Deal or No Deal in front of it. Third, the plot of the show is taking a while to develop, how can they expect it to be a smash hit right away?

I swear, these TV execs are going out of their way to make TV as stupid as possible. You know what they're replacing the Black Donnelly's with? "The Real Wedding Crashers." It was a hit movie, now it's a reality show! Totally not thrown together! Enjoy!!! And even if a show does turn into a smash hit, they go on six-week breaks twice in a stinkin' season! I'm lookin at you, Heroes!!!

I'm fed up. I hate TV.

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