Easter eggs.

Like any graphic designer worth his salt, I spent the weekend coloring Easter eggs. It's a wonderful design exercise that should be done any time, and often. Here are the highlights:

Kind of a webbish looking primary color thing. Crayons are the bombdiggety. You know it to be true.

Salt is also pretty cool. I wanted this to look like a watermelon but I abandoned it halfway through. If only every project at work could be like that.

This one was sort of a tiger stripe number. I like it, although you probably can't get the full effect through a hastily-taken picture. And finally, time to get patriotic:

A clarification on this one: Yes, I'm mocking America's fetish with ribbons. No, I'm not disrespecting our troops. Yes, I'm adamantly pro-egg.


Baby Bella Berry said...

Love it.

Gordon said...

i support your eggs too.

Jan said...

i think whomever it was who slandered eggs with unsubstantiated claims about how they are bad for you, resulting in 20 years of unadulterated egg hating should be sued. perhaps i should look into it.

eggs are only slightly improved upon in the breakfast food category when sitting next to bacon and cheesy hashbrowns.