"faithful petition
by Nick Lee"

[Title suggested by random word generator.]

Here's the idea: I've reserved the remaining pages in my current Moleskine for self-portraits, and maybe some EDM sketches. I went out and bought this new one, and I'm going to write a book. I'll be drawing scenes, objects, and people from my life in the same way I have been, only now I'm going to write a fictional story around them. A graphic novel? Yeah, but more of an impromptu graphic novel, since I won't be writing the story until the drawing is in place. Some ground rules:

1. The text has to follow and be related to the imagery.
2. The story must not parallel the events of my life that made me draw the drawing.
3. The drawing subjects must not be selected based on where I want the story to go.

So there it is. Hopefully I can get this to run about 300 pages or so, but we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned!

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John said...

Ooh. Fun idea!