This is not just another post to break my previous record for posts in a month.

A recent B.S. Report (Bill Simmons' podcast for ESPN) had him call his buddy Jack-O, who savaged the Twins. His comments sum up how I feel, and must be repeated here:

"The Twins have to be the dumbest franchise in the history of professional sports. Let me just get that on the record. Since they traded arguably the best pitcher in baseball for four guys no one's every heard of before. And by the way, will never hear of again."

"But if you're a Minnesota Twins fan, and you go to that stadium, and you give any kind of money to your owner, who's like one of the wealthiest guys in the world, and won't pay players, then you're a fool. You get what you deserve. Like if anybody goes there and watches games, you're an idiot... If you go see the Minnesota Twins play, you are an idiot."

"So they have their wealthiest owner, who somehow has to have a payroll of $14, basically. You have the best pitcher in the game, and then they trade him for a nickel on the dollar... and I'm still gonna go and pay my Minnesota Twins season tickets? I don't get it."

Neither do I.

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