The Stills Are #1

I was feeling a bit silly and high on the Stills when I did this. I've been excited about a lot of music lately. The enthusiasm tide is flowing strong.

Also, I'm really ticked about the Santana trade. We could've had much better offers. Now another sports megastar is leaving Minnesota, and hope takes a back seat for a few more years. No sweat, it's only been a collective 64 team-years without a pro sports championship in Minny. No hurry, guys.

Additionally, my dislike for Hillary is reaching large proportions. On the CBS Evening News last night, Katie Couric asked the candidates what one book, besides the Bible, they'd want to bring into the White House with them. First, I like that the Bible still qualifies as an easy, cop out answer. Second, Obama said some biography of Lincoln, which is money. All the candidates stated their book and explained why. Then Hillary, in all her infinite wisdom says, "Well I'd make sure to bring a copy of the Constitution since it's clear that there's none in the White House right now."

She never misses a chance to insult someone, does she? Now, I'm not a big fan of George the Second either, but I'm not running for president. She will use any opportunity to attack anyone for any reason. She doesn't know the meaning of the term "respectfully disagree." She doesn't understand that though we don't all see eye to eye, we do (to some degree) have to work TOGETHER to make any progress. She will do and say anything to win this election, and that-- that --is why she should be last person on Earth to wield that kind of power.

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