Shrine addition.

I work in a building with a lot of stereotypical Christians. They're more nuanced and genuine than society at large gives them credit for, but when it comes to visual tastes they're pretty much what you'd expect: crosses, doves, crown of thorns, etc. That's why I'm developing what I lovingly refer to as "the shrine." It's a collection of physical objects that carry a depiction of Jesus. So far it includes three candles (one of the Virgin Mary, which is cheating but still), one statuette, one magnetic figurine, and now this. It's a miniature nativity scene Christmas ornament. Press the button and it plays O Holy Night, which is an added multi sensory experience. A main point of the shrine is to determine who takes me seriously and who doesn't, and also if a particular person is an iconoclast. These are handy things to know around here.

This is the first use of my new Caran d'Ache watercolor crayons. Yellow and light brown mix well, orange and dark brown not so much.

Happy post 300 everybody!

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pBerry said...

I think you need to find that puppy online and post it on utterblasphemy.