Me vs. ESPN braintrust, week 9.

Accuscore makes its glorious appearance. I have no idea what it is or how it's calculated, but it scored 6-8 this weekend. Chumps. I, however, had a relatively good week.

Jaworski 81-47 (9-5)
Accuscore 79-49 (6-8)
Me 78-50 (8-6)
Schlereth 78-50 (6-8)
Golic 78-50 (6-8)
Hoge 77-51 (5-9)
Salisbury 76-52 (6-8)
Allen 75-53 (5-9)
Mortensen 68-60 (7-7)

I'm thinking that with the advent of Accuscore, Mortensen is now on official notice. He's seven games out of second to last place. He has three weeks to get that down to five games, or I'll toss him. I'll do it.

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