Pictures from the house.

By popular demand (of one person), here are some pictures! Yay!

We start with the garage. The door has been replaced, and now it's full of old cabinets, my lawn mower, and some power tools. We'll be painting this white after about eight coats of primer.

Here we have the family room, the ugliest room in the house. Eventually I'm going to tear down the wood paneling and put up proper walls, along with overhauling the fireplace. But I have enough to do right now, so it'll just have to stay ghetto for the time being. A very nice cool place to chillax on a hot summer day though. And really, with the flat screen in here I doubt anyone will look at anything else e'er.

The living room. I tried to simulate the color we painted it the best I could. In case you're counting, that's two fireplaces. Aw yeeuh.

The deck. I wish you could see the backyard, so you could cringe like I do. It's a thing of horror.

At last, we come to the kitchen. Three highlights: the peach walls, the extremely grungy cabinets, and the uneven tile job. I'll take a picture of where it's at tonight, and have it posted by Monday. But if you can't wait, just imagine this room completely empty. That's about right.

And finally me with my brand new drill, about to tear into that beeach. Cheers!


pberry said...

Awesome. Way to go, yo.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Dewalt.

Rebekah said...

Dude, nice fixer-upper! So much potential! So, do I get a looksy of the outside, the whole thing? How many sq ft and so on?

Jan said...

that is the same color as our bedroom!