Saturday we moved into the house. There still isn't a kitchen to speak of, but otherwise it's nice to be in there finally. The move went pretty smoothly, there was only a one-bedroom apartment to clear out. The only hitch came in trying to get the sofa into the house. We had to take out a window, frame and all. I'm beginning to think that the trick of home ownership is simply coming to terms with the fact that you can't fart in your house without something needing repair. Once you accept that, it's all gravy. I have no basis for this, but whatever.

On Sunday I had a couple meetings at church to attend. One of them involved the idea of maybe leading a small group of high schoolers and learning them the Dao of Graphic Design. That'd be super-sweet. In between my meetings I found a nice cool place with a vantage point and finally forced myself to draw a tree. I think the result is not bad.

UPDATE: Here's an idea I'm having. I'm going to pick one band to listen exclusively to between now and next Monday morning. I won't avoid the radio or anything, but as far as it's up to me I'm going to listen to the Rentals for this week. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping by picking a different band each week I'll reach deeper appreciation for music than just skimming around with no pattern or conviction.

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