We got trouble, right here in River City!

We went to Missouri this weekend for a family reunion. Good times were had by most.

This was all I could manage to draw on Friday night after the drive. It's not much to look at, but it's an important documentation of card cheating. And I had to take the cheap shot at Kansas, despite the drive actually being much better than a drive through Nebraska.

I did this on Saturday morning while I was waiting for everyone to take their showers. There were dozens of motorhomes strewn about. Despite the roof being completely whacked, this one turned out quite well.

They played the 1962 version of "The Music Man" on Saturday night. It gave me plenty of time to draw the backs of old ladies' heads while writing down the random quote. They sure don't make movies like that anymore.

One quick link: Burnside Writers Collective. Also, Madeleine Peyroux is awesome.


jordan said...

Thanks for the link, Nick...this is a great blog you got here.

Gordon said...

Nice man, those illustrations are lookin' hawt!