Football, ignore if you care about my feelings.

I was furious last Sunday night. I really was. I can't stand more games like that crapfest Minnesota put up against the Lions. Unfortunately, this week is Kansas City, which promises to be more ugly from their side, and the Vikings always tend to play to the level of their competition. It's going to be on TV out here, and even considering that I'm still not excited. Basically Minnesota needs to run the ball fifty times, and that's it. If you have Vikings D on your fantasy teams (I'm looking at you Sk0t, Paul, and myself), play them. I dare you, Paul. Final score prediction: Vikings 13, Chiefs 3.

Other picks:

PHILLY over Detroit — Let's end this madness already. I can't live in a world where Detroit is 2-0 and Philly is 0-2. Not really so much the Philly part, as their self-loathing fans can use a bit more abuse. But it's time for Detroit to wake up and smell the exhaust. Matt Millen could get an extension through 3207 if they're not careful. All this time we thought it was some cruel joke that Millen still has a job, but really it turns out that God is very interested in the Lions. I'm shocked.

NY JETS over Miami - I still like the Jets to make the playoffs. They were supposed to be 0-2 if you looked at their schedule three weeks ago. There's not reason for Jets fans to panic. Oh, except they're going to lose in the wild card round again, and they're a bunch of pricks for cheering against their starting quarterback. Other than that, golden.

NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo - I don't share the sentiments, but this is still funny. Thus ends my internet-mandated mention of the Patriots.

Indianapolis over HOUSTON - Thanks a lot, Andre Johnson. We had a good thing going before you pulled that stunt. Every year I pick you, every year you burn me. Someday I'm not going to be there when you turn around on your crutches.

Jacksonville over DENVER - Tune in for the last five seconds. Skip the rest.

Carolina over ATLANTA - Duh.

NEW ORLEANS over Tennessee - Reggie Bush is killing me. Stem the slaughter, please. I really should have known better than to make a Saint my keeper. I bought in to the hype, what can I say? Penance is forthcoming in the form of missing the playoffs in one of my fantasy leagues. I'm sorry. Could we look the other way, just this once?

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