Risk of death.

I saw this today on Google News. And this might just be me, but, um, WHAT?!

Vitamin D might extend your life, but it doesn't reduce your risk of death. Barring the Rapture, that remains firmly at 100%. Maybe Globe and Mail would fall prey to a logical fallacy like that, but TIME? Really? Who's doing the fact-checking over there these days?


Gordon said...

No, it actually does make you 7% likely to not die. Pretty groundbreaking stuff those scientists are coming up with these days.

Salt-Man Z said...

Y'know, if you take into account the fact that more people are alive RIGHT NOW than all the people that have ever lived COMBINED...well, to say that one's chances of death are 100% seems kind of silly when you figure that the observed rate of death for the human race is under 50%.