Brush pen ahoy!

The problem with intending to draw in the park is that my dog doesn't like staying put. She gets really whiny. And so, I'm mostly just able to get mere outlines down before having to pack up again and leave. Drawing at home is much easier, if you can find a decent subject. I got a bit annoyed with my lack of style, so I ditched my usual Bic Z4 Needle Point and brought out the Pitt Brush Pen. I bought it in early September, used it for one drawing, and decided I didn't like it. Last night, however, I changed my mind. It allows for more expression, and frees me from worrying about cross-hatching. I like that it lays down a goodly amount of ink. I'm vowing to use it exclusively until it runs out.

Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Mountain, Sasha (twice, the upper one being much more accurate), a twig, a slipper, and a Christmas tree.

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gabi campanario said...

Pitt brush pens are great. Good choice!