Purple Jesus.

Rose Art markers and Bic Z4 on watercolor paper.

Closed circuit to AP:

Nice job so far, man. I haven't been this excited about a Vikings rookie since Randy Moss. Too bad about your ligament though. Here's the thing -- just take your rehab nice and slow. There's no use busting yourself up for a coach who doesn't understand the fundamentals of running a football team (things like, "Have a quarterback who can throw"). Next year when we have a new coach, quarterback, and receivers, then you can come back and dominate. Looking forward to it, big guy.

(and all Vikings fans everywhere)

[Note: I was channeling my Fauvist side here. I could really use some comments on the use of markers. I want to keep up with them, but I'm not sure if I should.]


John said...

The marker medium is great when displayed amongst a diversity of other media. It's a refreshing change of pace, and provides a starkness and vibrancy of color that's somewhat startling. Purple Jesus is very contrasty. A good effect. But definitely don't become Rose Art Nick.

Gordon said...

I like the markers. I think they're a nice way to inject some colors into what is obviously otherwise a monochromatic medium. My only critique would be that you try and loosen up a little with your stroke technique (yeah yeah) and not worry so much about realizm and go for more washes of colors.

Anonymous said...

I think you should go crayon, there are so many colors to choose from and the deepness of color can be changed. I suggest Crayola due to the lack of waxiness. On he otherhand craypa (spelling?) they oily brothey of crayon is amazing in its depth. A rich deep tone can be obtained.

Anonymous said...

PS. I would also like to thank Blogger for the ability to proof-read my comments for retardedness.